Project Leasing

Property owners look to Commercial Industrial Properties for project leasing when:

  • Seeking to increase occupancy, raise rents, or feeling dissatisfied with the current level of leasing activity
  • Needing to understand the right tenant mix for the project
  • Concerned that their property is not getting the attention it needs and deserves
  • Desiring the peace of mind that every effort is being made to proactively attract and retain tenants
  • Uncertain about current market conditions
  • Seeking a real estate team with the vital marketing skills, creativity, and relationships to effectively connect with end users and brokers

Our Process Overview:

  1. Interview client to identify current challenges and establish specific leasing objectives
  2. Perform a comprehensive property assessment to discover strengths and weaknesses
  3. Identify potential maintenance and property enhancements which may increase the property value
  4. Offer recommendations regarding quoted rental rates, concessions, and other leasing parameters
  5. Provide specific market study on competitors
  6. Evaluate comparable lease and sales transaction data
  7. Design and produce marketing brochures to accurately present to prospects
  8. Post listings to appropriate commercial real estate services
  9. Conduct structured property tours and presentations to highlight property benefits
  10. Generate regular comprehensive market activity reports which identify transaction origination history, active/inactive status, and other marketing efforts
  11. Qualify prospective tenants and ascertain needs and objectives
  12. Negotiate Letter of Intent terms with potential tenants
  13. Prepare financial analysis and review with client
  14. Draft lease documents in coordination with client’s legal counsel
  15. Coordinate and necessary improvement projects with property management, tenant, and any construction manager
  16. Maintain communication with property manager to facilitate seamless move-in process