Land Advisory

Land owners and investors look to Commercial Industrial Properties when:

  • Seeking advice about current market conditions and the best time to sell
  • Needing to identify an existing or developable site that meets their needs
  • Desiring the peace of mind that comes with knowing every effort has been made to identify and consider every opportunity
  • Selecting experienced professionals with the necessary skills, local knowledge, and relationships to achieve the best possible results
  • Under financial pressure to sell a property
  • Feeling dissatisfied with their current marketing strategy
  • Having difficulty finding available options priced within the target range

Our Process Overview:

  1. Interview client to identify scope of assignment and develop a specific real estate strategy
  2. Perform comprehensive market assessment
  3. Evaluate sales of comparable properties in the market
  4. Make specific recommendations and establish pricing strategy
  5. Evaluate the compatibility of potential sites for the intended use
  6. Determine what entitlement steps can be taken to enhance the value of the property
  7. Coordinate with consultants and work with governmental agencies to secure entitlements, including MUDs, PIDs, and other reimbursement mechanisms
  8. Design a marketing strategy in coordination with client to employ specific marketing methods
  9. Design and produce marketing brochures to accurately present to prospects
  10. Post listings to appropriate commercial real estate services
  11. Conduct property tours and presentations
  12. Draft sales contract in coordination with client’s legal counsel and lead all aspects of the negotiation through contract execution
  13. Provide client with timely and concise reports that include everything needed to keep lenders and/or partners up-to-date on key issues
  14. Work closely with title company and all parties to facilitate a seamless closing